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Administrative Services provides support to Facilities Services departments and facilitates customer service for the campus community. We strive to deliver our services in a prompt, professional manner and support the Facilities Services mission of stewardship.

Administrative Services supports the following Facilities Services departments:

  • Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Executive Directors
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Facilities Planning and Design
  • Facilities Operations
Contact Information
Department Contact Phone Email
Associate Vice Chancellor
Administrative Services
Robyn Narvesen 919-962-0761
Building Services Ira Wilkins 919-962-1235
Construction Management Jennifer Miller 919-966-1476
Construction Services Cody Pace 919-843-5304
Planning and Design
Wendie Morris 919-843-3617
Grounds Services Kim Sparrow 919-962-2564
Housekeeping Services Nancy Burton 919-962-6586