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What Is Carolina North?

Carolina North is a research and mixed-use academic campus planned for 250 acres two miles north of the main campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. As a public research university helping to transform the state’s economy, Carolina must compete with national peers for the talent and resources that drive innovation. Today, that competition demands a new kind of setting — one that enables public-private partnerships, public engagement and flexible new spaces for research and education.

Carolina North will be a world-class magnet to attract the best and brightest to North Carolina, one that will create tremendous economic benefit for the state. This campus will promote a synergy among research, business, science, law and technology that will in turn produce new ideas, products and jobs. This research-driven entrepreneurship will take place in a highly green environment, one specifically designed to be a model of sustainability and to take advantage of the latest technological developments.

At the same time, the promise that draws people to Carolina North means that UNC can fulfill the desire of more students than ever who are looking for the chance to be on the main Chapel Hill campus.

Carolina North Plan