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Carolina North Forest TrailThe primary goal of the trail management effort is to facilitate the recreational and leisure experience by maintaining and enhancing the existing trails within the Carolina North Forest. By employing sustainable planning and practices to preserve and rehabilitate the trail network, trail resources will continue to be available for current and future users.

In this context, “sustainable” means using practices that protect the environment, do not contribute to the degradation of natural systems, meet our users’ needs, and require minimal re-routing and long-term maintenance. Rehabilitation efforts will create conditions that allow the Forest to be restored to a natural condition.

Trail management activities include:

  • Trail Evaluation – Based on trail maps and field verification, decide whether a given existing trail or group of trails is sustainable or in need of improvement or rehabilitation
  • Trail Improvements – Basic tasks done with frequency that keep the trails open and accessible to our users, including:
    • Drainage/erosion control
    • Corridor “brushing” – keeping the trail corridors clean and free of obstructions (physical or visual)
    • Trail reinforcement
    • Trail features
  • Trail Planning – Along with these initiatives to record, evaluate and maintain the existing trails we have agreed to work with Triangle Outdoor Recreational Cyclists (TORC) to plan, develop, and construct trails within the existing network that will ensure that all users can continue to enjoy the trail network as they have done in the past.

These trail planning efforts will help direct trail development for the mutual benefit of users and the Carolina North Forest. Results of the planning efforts will lead us to prioritize trail refinements including:

  • Trail re-routes
  • The closing of non-sustainable trails
  • The creation of new trails
  • The rehabilitation of disturbed areas by re-routing, closures, and new trail construction

A significant component of this plan is the ability to carry it out through individuals and group volunteer coordination. If you’d like to contribute your time and energy to this long-term initiative, please contact us at The Forest will appreciate your help!