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  1. Design fees for basic services and design amendments are negotiated with Designers by Facilities Planning.
  2. Facilities Planning will provide Construction Management a copy of the Design Agreement and design amendments at the beginning of the construction phase and any additional design amendments that are executed during construction.
  3. After construction contracts are awarded the UNC Construction Manager will determine the pay out schedule to the Designer for construction phase services. The schedule will include basic construction administration services, design amendments related to construction phase services, submission of final report and record drawings (5% of basic services) and other construction phase services. The monthly pay out schedule for basic services CA will be based on the number of days in the construction contract. Design amendments and associated CA will be billed as a separate line item as the services occur. The final 5% will be retained until close out of all construction contracts including settlement of claims, if any, at the State Construction level and receipt of acceptable record drawings and final report and will be indicated as a separate line item as final project close out. If full time site inspection is included in the Designer’s services a separate line item for this service will be included in the pay out schedule and be based on the number of days in the construction contract.
  4. Copies of the payout schedule will be provided to the Designer, the Planning Manager, and FP&C Financial Manager.
  5. All subsequent invoices will show line items for each of the above services with columns for the value of service, previous payments, current payment due, percent complete and balance to complete. The 5% for submission of final report and as built drawings will be paid in one lump sum payment at the completion of these services.
  6. The Construction Manager will have primary responsibility to insure the designer’s progress payment is consistent with the payout schedule; Financial Management will have primary responsibility to insure the carry forward amounts are correct.
  7. During the construction phase any request for amendments to the design agreement will be proposed to the UNC Construction Manager for review and will be forwarded to the Planning Manager with his/her recommendations.
  8. Final report and record drawings will the forwarded to the Construction Manager at the end of the project. The documents will be checked for completeness by the Construction Manager and updated if necessary. The Construction Manager will then submit the documents along with the specifications manual to the Plan Room Manager along and the completed EIS Document Submission Form.
  9. Final payment to the designer will be approved by the Construction Manager, Planning Manager and Plan Room Manager only after approval of the designer’s submission of record drawings and final report.