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Download a printable copy of the Bidding Rotation.

For bids greater than $100K, rotate through ABC and check for last used

Contractor Information
Group Category Company Name HUB
A General A.B. Goodrich Contracting, LLC
A General Bar Construction Co
A General C2 Contractors B DBE
A General DPR Construction
A General Incline Construction Inc W
A General McClure & Associates Construction W SE
A General Resolute Building Co
A General S&S Building & Development LLC
B General A.S. Crawford Inc.
B General Beau Chene
B General Callis Contractors B SE
B General H.M. Kern Corporation
B General Hutchins Construction Inc.
B General McDonald York Building Co.
B General RFI Construction LLC B
B General Sinclair Contracting B
B General White Oak Construction Corp.
C General ACH Constructors, LLC
C General C.T. Wilson Construction Company, Inc.
C General D.W. Ward Construction Company, Inc.
C General Holt Brothers Construction, LLC B
C General Install Inc
C General Muter Construction LLC W
C General Riggs-Harrod Builders, Inc.
C General Troy Hutchins Construction LLC

For bids under $100K, choose four – Two HUB and Two Non HUB, grouped numerically, check log for last number used.
(e.g. pick 2 Non-HUB#3 and 2 HUB#3.)

Non-HUB General
1 A.B. Goodrich Contracting LLC
1 A.S. Crawford Inc
2 ACH Constructors, LLC
2 Bar Construction Co.
3 Beau Chene
3 C.T. Wilson Construction Company, Inc.
4 D.W. Ward Construction Co., Inc.
4 DPR Construction
5 H.M. Kern Corporation
5 Hutchins Construction Inc.
6 Install Inc.
6 McDonald York Building Co
7 Resolute Building Co.
7 Riggs-Harrod Builders, Inc.
8 S&S Building & Development, LLC
8 Troy Hutchins Construction LLC
9 White Oak Construction Corp
HUB General
1 5 9 C2 Contractors
1 5 9 Callis Contractors
2 6 Holt Brothers Construction, LLC
2 6 Incline Construction Inc
3 7 McClure & Associates Construction Inc
3 7 Muter Construction LLC
4 8 RFI Construction LLC
4 8 Sinclair Contracting