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Energy Management is responsible for monitoring, controlling and reducing energy and water use in the buildings at UNC-Chapel Hill. Energy Management seeks to continuously improve UNC-Chapel Hill’s building performance through focusing on a comprehensive long term approach to reliable and sustainable solutions, enhancing education and research at Carolina by ensuring that buildings are constructed and operated in the most energy and cost efficient manner possible and educating Carolina on resource conservation methods.


  • Optimizing existing infrastructure using in-house resources
  • Implementing projects to upgrade infrastructure
  • Educating the campus community through outreach in order to make conservation a core value at UNC
Campus energy is supplied by Energy Services and consists of electricity, district chilled water, district steam, natural gas and propane.

For questions or problems, such as windows that won’t close, lights left on, broken thermostats, etc., or to submit ideas that could help improve campus energy efficiency, please contact us at


Vee Veerabhadrappa
Director, Energy Management


2023 Winter Holiday Energy Saving Initiative

November 15, 2023

The University will implement a Winter Holiday Energy Saving Initiative Dec. 22 through Jan. 1 to reduce energy consumption in unoccupied buildings.

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