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Energy Management works to continuously improve the University’s building performance by focusing on a comprehensive long-term approach to reliable and sustainable solutions. Buildings should be constructed and operated in the safest and most energy- and cost-efficient manner possible through maximizing the efficiency of individual building systems. Our in-house Commissioning Team’s work continues to improve the efficiency of University buildings through mechanical equipment calibrations, HVAC sequence optimizations and occupancy schedule implementations. Partnering with Building Services technicians, this helped to achieve approximately $4.2 million in savings in fiscal year 2020.

Building Energy Optimization Program: Cumulative Savings

Building Electrical Energy Efficiency

Energy Management focuses on engagement with the University’s students through their electricity consumption. In an effort to increase energy efficiency, Energy Management has compiled a set of on-campus locations to show which buildings on campus are consuming the most energy, including creating tips on how to save energy within those buildings. Building electrical use data has been collected through the Energy Usage Dashboard and serves as an estimate to the typical averages seen in usage across campus.

Building markers indicate how efficient buildings are in comparison to other University buildings based upon their kilowatt hour to square foot ratio. The marker colors indicate the building efficiency tier with green being more efficient, yellow being in the medium range, and red being the least efficient.