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Fleet Services serves as the central administrator for UNC-owned vehicles, leased vehicles and grounds equipment. The department has eight employees. The Fleet Manager manages two service stations which provide fuel; vehicle and equipment maintenance; and pooled vehicle resources to Facilities Services and campus customers. Administrative responsibilities include:

  • Collecting and entering NC Motor Fleet vehicle logs into a state-wide system for monthly billing
  • Fleet policy development
  • Implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Operating central equipment and vehicle pools
  • Responding to the state Department of Administration on UNC citizen vehicle complaints
  • Managing the state-required vehicle exemption process
  • Recommendations and assistance for replacement and purchasing of campus vehicles and equipment
  • Customer billing for all fleet-related vehicles


The N.C. Motor Fleet Management Division provides passenger vehicles to state agencies for employees in the performance of their duties. Fleet Services serves as the University liaison with Motor Fleet Management and provides administrative support for vehicles assigned to the University and its staff.

Rate Model

The Motor Fleet Management rate model allows for vehicle expenses to be accurately captured and for savings to be passed on to state agencies:

  • Motor Fleet Management charges a fixed monthly lease fee based on vehicle class that includes a monthly usage of 1,050 miles.
  • The monthly lease fee includes vehicle replacement costs, insurance and operating expenses with the exception of fuel.
  • Vehicles are charged a per mile rate for mileage exceeding the 1,050-mile base allowance.
  • Total monthly fuel purchases made using the WEX Fuel Card or at the UNC Service Station are billed as a separate line item.
2018-2019 Rates
Vehicle Class Vehicle Example Base Monthly Lease Fee Per Mile Rate
(Over 1050 Miles)
Sedan – Compact Electric Focus Electric, Leaf $312.00 $0.24
Sedan – Compact Hybrid Civic Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, CMAX Hybrid, Prius Hybrid $333.00 $0.26
Sedan – Compact Focus $301.50 $0.23
Sedan – Midsize Avenger, Breeze, Fusion, Gran Prix, Malibu, Stratus $333.00 $0.26
Sedan – Fullsize Crown Victoria, Five Hundred, Impala, LaCrosse, Taurus $343.50 $0.27
Sedan – Fullsize Law Enforcement Police Interceptor, Crown Victoria, Caprice, Impala LE, Interceptor SSV $480.00 $0.40
Sedan – Fullsize Law Enforcement – Charger Charger LE $417.00 $0.34
Pickup – Light Duty Frontier, F-150, Ram 1500, Ranger, Silverado 1500 $438.00 $0.36
Pickup – Medium Duty F-250 $616.50 $0.53
Pickup – Heavy Duty F-350 $721.50 $0.63
Cab and Chassis – 8,600 F-250 $595.50 $0.51
Cab and Chassis – 9,500 Commercial Cutaway E350 XL $501.00 $0.42
Cab and Chassis – 9,900 F-250 $595.50 $0.51
Cab and Chassis – 11,000 F-350 $711.00 $0.62
Cab and Chassis – 16,000-16,500 F-450 $784.50 $0.69
Cab and Chassis – 19,500 F-550 $858.00 $0.76
Cab and Chassis – 25,500 Chevrolet C6500, Freightliner M2 106, F-650 $942.00 $0.84
SUV – Compact Escape Hybrid, Journey, Liberty $385.50 $0.31
SUV – Midsize Equinox, Explorer, Grand Cherokee, Pathfinder, Trailblazer, Traverse, Xterra $480.00 $0.40
SUV – Full-Size Durango, Expedition, Tahoe $574.50 $0.49
SUV – Extra Large Suburban $690.00 $0.60
SUV – Midsize Law Enforcement Police Interceptor Utility $522.00 $0.44
SUV – Full-Size Law Enforcement Durango SSV, Expedition SSV, Tahoe LE & SSV $543.00 $0.46
Van – Compact High Roof Cargo Caravan Cargo, NV200, Ram Cargo $396.00 $0.32
Van – Compact High Roof Passenger Caravan, Freestar, Taurus Wagon, Uplander $427.50 $0.35
Van – Light Duty Cargo Transit Wagon $438.00 $0.36
Van – Light Duty Passenger Transit Wagon $438.00 $0.36
Van – Medium Duty Cargo Express 1500, Express 2500, E-250, Transit 250 $438.00 $0.36
Van – Medium Duty Mobility Transit XL $585.00 $0.50
Van – Heavy Duty Cargo E-350, Transit 350 $448.50 $0.37
Van – Heavy Duty Passenger Transit 350, 3500 15 Passenger $469.50 $0.39

Motor Fleet Vehicles

The University currently leases approximately 170 vehicles from Motor Fleet Management in Raleigh. These vehicles are primarily passenger cars, minivans and SUVs. They can be identified by the five or six-digit number on the windshield.

If your Motor Fleet vehicle breaks down while you are in or within five miles of the Chapel Hill area, simply call Talbert’s Towing, our designated towing service, at 919-906-3999 or 919-933-0066. They are available 24/7 and will tow your vehicle to the UNC Service Station.

If you are outside the Chapel Hill area and have problems with your Motor Fleet vehicle, please call the Motor Fleet Repair Authorization and Accident number at 800-277-8181 for 24-hour emergency assistance, and they will arrange for towing and repairs. If a rental car is needed, you can rent a vehicle through Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

University-Owned Vehicles

University-owned vehicles can be identified by the three-digit number on the windshield. These vehicles are generally full-size pickups, vans, and trucks.

If you experience trouble with a University-owned vehicle while you are in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham or the surrounding areas, you can use the same procedure as with Motor Fleet vehicles and contact Talbert’s Towing to have the vehicle towed to the UNC Service Station.

If you are out of the area when your University-owned vehicle breaks down, we do not offer roadside assistance. Local police can assist you with arranging for towing to a local service station. The driver will need to pay for any towing and repair charges and can then request an expense reimbursement through his/her department. The UNC Service Station can provide support in these emergency situations; contact us at 919-966-2967 or 919-883-9224 during normal business hours for assistance with locating services stations, contacting towing services, and obtaining rental vehicles.


Mark Stark
University Fleet Manager
Phone: 919-966-2967