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As a part of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Facilities Planning and Design Department, the professionals in Planning are responsible for:

  • Planning evaluation of space needs and planning for Capital Projects.
  • Project Management services for the University’s Capital Improvement Projects over $500,000.
  • Land Use Planning effort to create a campus environment that supports the University’s mission through campus master planning, development plans and agreements.
  • Community Coordination where community concerns are addressed through adherence to all zoning regulations, permit requirements and development agreements.


Chris Johnson
Assistant Director, Planning and Project Management
Phone: 919-843-0849
Wendie Morris
Delegated Capital Project Coordinator
Phone: 919-843-3617
Planning Services Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Michael Ambrose Architect 919-962-1215
Nida DeBusk Architect 919-843-3617
Quade Gallagher Architect
Daniel Widis Landscape Architect
Lindsay McManamon Accessibility Specialist