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Carolina Green Events LogoEvents at Carolina can produce a lot of waste. To promote sustainability on campus, the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) has created an outline on how to host a Green Event.

Steps to Hosting Your Green Event

  1. Get Green Event certified by scheduling training with the help of OWRR staff. Sessions generally last one hour and count as skills training for Public Service Scholars. Email to schedule your training!
  2. Share your event plans with OWRR and receive guidance on how to best coordinate your Green Event logistics to be both environmentally- and budget-friendly.
  3. Request your Green Event Bins and Signage to communicate to your audience how your event is striving for sustainability.
  4. OWRR will provide compost and recycling bins prior to your event and help set them up. At the end of your event, OWRR will pick up your containers.
  5. Congratulations on hosting your Green Event! We hope you will continue to host Green Events in the future through a continued partnership with OWRR.
Game Day Challenge Dance Marathon

Helpful Documents for Your Green Event