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UNC-Chapel Hill offers recycling services to all campus offices. The Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) collects recycling from centralized recycling sites in each building. To find your office recycling locations and schedule, please see the Building Recycling Schedules and Locations page.

Deskside recycling binDeskside recycling bins can be purchased by your department for easy recycling collection. Personal recycling bins are emptied by staff and are not emptied by housekeeping or OWRR staff.

Contact University Surplus to see if they have any deskside bins in stock or order your deskside bin from Staples using item number 758215.

Slim Jim containers are not provided by OWRR. To add a Slim Jim container to your office area, you must order the standard bin from Staples at cost to your department.

Ordering Details

  • Bin: Item Number #815622
  • Bottles/Cans Lid: Item Number #860345
  • Mixed Paper Lid: Item Number #39796

Once your Slim Jim arrives, please submit a work order to OWRR in order to have the container labeled and added to the service schedule. Slim Jim containers hold less material than our standard 35-gallon barrels (one barrel = two Slim Jim containers). Please consider the capacity needs of your office as we cannot increase the recycling service.

Cardboard is recycled in the outdoor blue dumpsters. To prepare cardboard for recycling, please take the following steps:

  1. Remove all items from cardboard
  2. Break it down or flatten
  3. Place it next to the closest recycling station

Housekeeping is responsible for removing cardboard from the buildings, not OWRR. If you have a buildup of cardboard in an area, please submit a work order to Housekeeping.

Please Flatten Cardboard Then Place in Blue Slotted Dumpster
Cardboard Dumpster