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Mini Move-in Guide

  1. Empty and flatten cardboard boxes used for packing.
  2. Bring these boxes to the blue recycling dumpsters located next to all trash dumpsters on campus. Look for special large containers labeled for cardboard recycling only.
  3. Please be sure all packing material has been removed from boxes. DO NOT put plastic wrap or foam packing material in the cardboard recycling dumpsters.
  4. Please place any regular trash in the appropriately labeled dumpster. Trash dumpsters on campus are usually green or gray in color.
  5. Keep an eye out for shrink wrap and Styrofoam recycling areas at each residence hall recycling site.

Waste Reduction Tips

  • Pack in reusable crates and bags, save them for move-out.
  • Pack conservatively – consider bringing winter items up later.
  • Remove tubes from carpet rolls before arriving on-campus (request they be removed at the store).
  • Remove appliances from boxes before arrival (especially fans).
  • Recycle any cardboard that is produced.

Maps and Locations

Dumpster Locations
Site Name Community Map Number
1351 Mason Farm Rd.  Baity Hill South Campus 15
1401 Mason Farm Rd.  Baity Hill South Campus 16
1501 Mason Farm Rd.  Baity Hill South Campus 17
1503 Mason Farm Rd.  Baity Hill South Campus 18
Alexander  Connor North Campus 3
Alumni Hall  Olde Campus Upper Quad North Campus 10
Avery  Parker Mid Campus 13
Aycock  Olde Campus Lower Quad North Campus 8
Carmichael  Carmichael Mid Campus 12
Coates  223 E. Franklin Street North Campus 1
Cobb  Cobb North Campus 2
Craige  Craige South Campus 20
Craige North  Manning West South Campus 26
Ehringhaus East  Ehringhaus South Campus 22
Ehringhaus North  Ehringhaus South Campus 21
Emerson Drive  Olde Campus Upper Quad North Campus 11
Hardin  Manning West South Campus 27
Hinton James  Hinton James South Campus 23
Horton  Manning East South Campus 24
Jackson Hall  Olde Campus Lower Quad North Campus 9
Joyner  Connor North Campus 4
Kenan  Kenan North Campus 6
Koury  Manning East South Campus 25
Morrison  Morrison South Campus 28
Parker  Parker Mid Campus 14
Ram Village 2  Ram Village South Campus 29
Ram Village 3  Ram Village South Campus 30
Ram Village 5  Ram Village South Campus 31
Spencer  Spencer North Campus 7
Taylor Hall  Ram Village South Campus 32
Winston  Connor North Campus 5

Don’t Ditch It. Donate It!

Cobb Move-Out GuideEach spring, Carolina Housing partners with the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) to make it easy for students to donate gently used items through the “Don’t Ditch It, Donate It!” program.

Materials, Locations and Preparation Instructions
Recyclable and Donatable Materials Drop-Off Location Preparation Instructions
Appliances Donation Station
  • Appliances should be in good working order.
  • Working appliances such as microwaves, toasters, crockpots, convection ovens, blenders etc. are accepted in our donation stations.
  • Broken appliances should be placed into the open top dumpsters (roll off dumpster).
  • DO NOT place broken appliances into the closed top dumpsters.
  • Large appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. should NOT be placed in dumpsters. Please contact University Surplus to have these items picked up.
  • If a University-supplied appliance stops working (part of dorm inventory), please submit a Housing Repair Request.
Athletic Equipment Donation Station
  • Athletic equipment should be cleaned and in working order.
Bedding Donation Station
  • Please clean and fold bedding before donating.
Books Donation Station
  • Textbooks, novels, and paperbacks should be readable with the binding still intact.
  • Please place unusable books in the mixed paper recycling.
Bottles and Cans Blue Recycling Carts, Outside
Cardboard Blue Cardboard Dumpster, Outside
Carpet Donation Station
  • Please clean, vacuum, roll, and tie the carpets with the print side FACING OUT. Please leave them INSIDE in the donation station areas. If the area is full, please leave them adjacent to the dumpsters, but not inside.
  • Please do not dispose of carpet in the closed-top dumpsters.
Cleaning Supplies Donation Station
  • Unopened, unused cleaning supplies may be placed in the donation stations.
Clothing Donation Station
  • Clothes should be clean and ready for donation
  • We cannot accept undergarments.
  • Shoes should match and be tied together.
  • Please dispose of dirty, stained, or torn clothes in the dumpster.
Computers Donation Station
Electronics (Broken and Working) Donation Station
  • All electronics may be placed in the donation stations. Electronics will be donated to TROSA for reuse, repair and resale.
Fans Donation Station
Food, Unopened and Non-Perishable Donation Station
  • Must be unopened, unused, and in good condition (not past its expiration date).
  • Non-perishable food only, please.
  • Please dispose of opened foods. Cans may be rinsed and recycled in the blue outdoor carts.
Furniture Donation Station
  • All furniture or household appliances should be clean and in good working order.
  • Broken furniture may be left outside in the open-top dumpsters adjacent to the permanent dumpster area. (Please do not place broken furniture, scrap metal, or appliances in the regular dumpsters).
Futon Frames Place Next to Dumpster, Outside
  • Place futon frames (and other scrap metal) next to the outdoor dumpster sites for recycling.
Lamps Donation Station
Mini-Fridges Donation Station
Paper Blue Recycling Carts, Outside
Printers Donation Station
School and Office Supplies Donation Station
  • Composition books, notebooks, and paper should be free of any writing.
  • Implements (pens, staplers, etc.) should be in good working order.
  • Please place any used notebooks and other paper in the mixed paper recycling.
Scrap Metal Place Next to Dumpster, Outside
Shoes Donation Station
  • Shoes should match and be tied together at the donation station.
Toiletries and Personal Items, Unopened Donation Station
  • Bath and personal products should be unopened and unused.
  • Please dispose of any unwanted used products. Rinse bottles and recycle in the blue outdoor carts.
Towels Donation Station
Toys Donation Station
Wood Waste, Clean and Untreated Place Next to Dumpster, Outside
Wood Waste, Treated or Painted Place in Open Top Dumpster (Rolloff)
Donation Station Locations
Residence Hall TROSA Donation Station Extra Trash Containers
Alderman Kenan 1st floor TV lounge open top rolloff
Alexander Joyner 1st floor lounge
Avery Avery 1st floor lounge closed dumpster
Aycock 2nd floor study lounge #235 closed dumpster
Baity Hill Two PODS in exterior parking lot open top rolloff (BLDG 1503), trailer
Carmichael Carmichael Multipurpose room open top rolloff
Cobb Cobb 1st floor piano lounge open top rolloff
Connor Pavilion 2nd floor lounge open top rolloff
Craige Basement elevator lobby open top rolloff
Craige North Basement lounge #B32 open top rolloff
Ehringhaus Ehaus Basement Lounge/Mail Room 2 open top rolloffs
Everett Everett 1st floor Lounge open top rolloff
Graham 2nd floor study lounge #235 closed dumpster
Granville POD, Agora Side
Grimes Mangum 1st floor lounge open top rolloff (Emerson Dr.)
Hardin Morrison 1st floor theater open top rolloff
Hinton James Hinton James 1st floor multipurpose lounge open top rolloff
Horton Hinton James 1st floor Game Room open top rolloff
Joyner Joyner 1st floor lounge open top rolloff
Kenan Kenan 1st floor TV lounge open top rolloff
Koury Koury Basement Lounge #B87 open top rolloff
Lewis Lewis 1st floor lounge open top rolloff
Mangum Mangum 1st floor lounge open top rolloff (Emerson Dr)
Manly Mangum 1st floor lounge open top rolloff (Emerson Dr)
McIver Kenan 1st floor TV lounge open top rolloff
Morrison Morrison 1st floor lounge open top rolloff
Old East Old West 1st floor lounge
Old West Old West 1st floor lounge
Parker Avery 1st floor lounge open top rolloff
Ram Village 1 RV 1 Basement Multi-Purpose Room open top rolloff
Ram Village 2 RV 1 Basement Multi-Purpose Room open top rolloff
Ram Village 3 RV 1 Basement Multi-Purpose Room open top rolloff
Ram Village 5 1st floor reading room open top rolloff
Ruffin Mangum 1st floor lounge open top rolloff (Emerson Dr.)
Spencer Spencer 1st floor parlor closed dumpster (next to Joyner)
Stacy Everett 1st floor lounge
Taylor Taylor Basement Elevator Lobby open top rolloff
Teague Basement multi-purpose room open top rolloff
Winston Pavilion 2nd floor lounge open top rolloff

Carpet and Scrap Metal Sites

  • All scrap metal (including futon frames) should be placed in the designated bulk waste sites next to the dumpsters and extra containers.
  • The sites will be marked by labeled orange cones.
  • The materials will be picked up and recycled.
  • Do not place futon frames and carpet in the dumpsters.
Extra trash containers will be placed next to or near the permanent dumpster sites unless otherwise noted.
Most of the items donated will go to Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (TROSA). TROSA is a comprehensive two-year residential substance abuse recovery program in Durham. Substance abusers live on TROSA’s drug-free campus where they are provided vocational training, education, counseling, mentoring, leadership training and aftercare. Residents gain work experience at one of TROSA’s many businesses, including moving and storage, lawn care, furniture and frame, grocery, and tree lots. Over 1,100 people have graduated from the program and gone on to live healthy, productive lives as members of their communities and families.

Though it may be tempting, remember that individuals are not permitted to enter dumpsters or remove items from donation stations. The only groups that are permitted to remove items from dumpster sites and donation stations are TROSA, OWRR, and Housing Support.
Compost Bins
Personal Compost Bins

All residence halls, except for Granville Towers, have compost carts located in their waste disposal area. Some communities share compost carts with other communities. Check with your RA to find the closest compost cart to your location. Compost carts are either black or green, but all are labeled clearly for compost. Do NOT put compost into the blue recycling carts.

Residents may check out a compost bucket from their communities for personal use. Collect compost in your bucket, and empty your bucket when full into the outdoor compost cart. The compost buckets are airtight and small enough to fit into your mini fridge. Residents are responsible for emptying the bins on a regular basis. At the end of the year, students may keep the bucket for additional years, or recycle in the Bottles & Cans container during Move-Out. Outdoor carts are emptied weekly and sent to a local compost facility.

How to Compost in Your Residence Hall

  • Check out a bin from your community main office.
  • Collect food scraps and organic waste.
  • Remember the compost rule of thumb, “If it was once alive, it is compostable.”
  • Empty your bin weekly into the green or black compost cart at your designated waste site.
  • Remember to clean out your bin as needed.
  • Keep your bin for the following year, or recycle it during Move-Out.
Green Residence Hall Compost Cart
Green Residence Hall Compost Cart
Black Residence Hall Compost Cart
Black Residence Hall Compost Cart