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What is a Green Event?

Carolina Green Events LogoEvery time one of the 600+ student organizations and 100+ departments hosts an event–a meeting, lecture, fundraiser–the waste produced and energy wasted is immense. In an effort for UNC’s sustainability plan to reach all aspects of campus, the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling and the Sustainability Office have created the Carolina Green Events program.

Green Events:

  • create zero waste
  • are energy and water efficient
  • support local businesses, including local agriculture
  • meet budget guidelines
  • demonstrate your organization’s commitment to sustainability

It’s easy to green your next event! The first step is to register for a training session. Once you are Green Event certified, you can start planning your green event with the help of OWRR staff.


Are you interested in becoming a certified Green Events Coordinator?

Join the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling at a Green Events Training Session! Come out and learn everything you need to know in order to become a Green Events Coordinator and to host certified Green Events for your organization. Sessions generally last about 1 hour and count as a skills training for Public Service Scholars.

We host public training sessions during the Fall and Spring academic semesters. You are always welcome to schedule a private session for your organization by emailing

Planning a Green Event

Interested in hosting a Green Event?

Email and share your event plans with us!

Planning a green event may seem overwhelming at first, but we are here to help you!

  1. Attend a training session to become a certified Carolina Green Events coordinator. (If you haven’t attended a training session, email to request a training session.)
  2. If you have been trained and have plans for your Green Event, email to request Green Event bins and signage.
  3. The Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) will follow up with logistics questions and to consult for your Green Event.
  4. OWRR will help you publicize the event if you request it. OWRR is available to answer any of your questions during this process.
  5. (Day of the event): OWRR will provide the compost and recycling bins prior to event and help set them up. At the end of the event, OWRR will pick up the compost and bins.

Helpful Documents for Your Green Event