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The Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) is here to assist you with all of your campus recycling needs. We aim to provide prompt and courteous service to the Carolina community. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at 919-962-1442 or

Available Services

You may request a variety of services from the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling, including:

  • Confidential Paper Pickup
  • Emptying of Full Recycling Bins
  • Addition or Removal of Permanent Indoor Recycling Sites
  • Temporary Bin Request (for file purges and office clean-outs)
  • Emptying of a full trash or cardboard dumpster outside your building
  • Delivering and servicing a rolloff for your building’s project needs
NOTE: OWRR does not oversee the recycling of electronic waste, hazardous waste, or printer cartridges. If you have electronic waste to dispose of, or any other material not listed above, please view the recycle right page to locate your item and contact the department that handles the disposal of these items.

Service Rates and Fees

Front Load Trash Dumpsters
Front Load Trash Dumpster Pick Up Monthly Charge*
Every other week $129
1x per week $258
2x per week $515
3x per week $772
4x per week $1,030
5x per week $1,287
6x per week $1,544
Horizontal Compactors
Horizontal Compactors Per Pick Up Charge* Monthly Rental
Roll-off Trash Compactor $894 $81.10
Roll-off Cardboard/Recycling Compactor $358 $81.10
Split-Body Trash + Recycling Compactor $596 $170
Open Top Roll-off Containers
Open Top Roll-off Containers Per Pick Up Charge* Monthly Rental** Delivery Fee
Open Top Trash Roll-off $536 $25 $25
Open Top Recycling Roll-off $447 $25 $25

Confidential Paper: $10/box

*Includes hauling, tipping fees, equipment cleaning, maintenance and replacement
**If rented for more than one month

The only customers who directly pay for trash and recycling services (other than confidential paper) are receipt-funded customers. These are customers such as Athletics, Carolina Dining Services, DCM (Division of Comparative Medicine), Housing and Residential Education, Parking and Transportation, CoGen (charges for electricity), Student Stores and other customers who are funded via financial transactions. There are also buildings funded via the endowment or leased spaces. Almost all other buildings are funded via appropriations by the state (or are called state-funded). OWRR receives funds to pay for trash and recycling services at state-appropriated buildings.