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2019 Campus Master Plan Cover
2019 Campus Master Plan

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is an extraordinary and diverse community of learners. Well into its third century as the nation’s first public university, Carolina continues to serve the public through its vision to be a center of research, scholarship, and creativity that empowers the next generation of leaders to solve the world’s most complex problems.

The scale, mix of buildings and open space, materials, landscape palette, and views compose the enduring qualities unique to Carolina’s campus. The character of the physical campus has always mattered: it reflects shared values, a continued commitment to the future, and a need for careful planning and stewardship of resources. Developed to advance the University’s strategic priorities between 2015 and 2018, the 2019 University Master Plan shapes what and how we build.



Over the course of the master planning process, hundreds of members of the Carolina community shared their thoughts and ideas about the campus. The Executive Steering Committee, Strategic Framework Liaison Groups, and participants in focus groups on key topics made especially significant contributions through their expertise and vision. Thank you all for helping shape the future of the campus.

The master planning process was managed by Facilities Planning and Design in coordination with the Chancellor’s Office and campus master planning consultant Ayers Saint Gross.