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Classrooms are a small portion of the University’s space inventory, but they have significant impacts on instruction, which is central to Carolina’s mission.

Centrally scheduled classrooms are approaching state targets for utilization and percent of seats filled; however, opportunities may exist to schedule additional courses in some professional school classrooms. Classroom space metrics recognize that classrooms serve other important purposes, like hosting student meetings and events, that offset shortages in other space categories but that nonteaching uses are difficult to document and assess. Classroom spaces are one of the space types most impacted by building condition issues as many of them are located in older Campus North buildings. Moreover, in most classroom size categories, low square footage per seat limits the quality and flexibility of the learning environment. These classrooms need rightsizing to support collaborative learning and teaching, which could in turn increase utilization in underperforming classrooms.

345,297 NASF
Greenlaw 101
Greenlaw 101 lecture hall, one of the first classrooms renovated to support collaborative learning and teaching.
NOTE: Circle sized by total classroom NASF in each building