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Instructional labs are specialized resources that give students hands-on learning opportunities.

Instructional labs include both class laboratories and open laboratories. The key difference between the two categories is the degree to which the laboratory is regularly scheduled and the amount of scheduled use that is verifiable through the registrar’s course data. Metrics for size and utilization of instructional and open lab spaces vary program to program. Interprofessional education could potentially implement more sharing of simulation labs, fundamentals labs, and makerspaces. Opportunities for further efficiencies could be identified more easily by reporting the use of class laboratories to a centralized scheduling system. Like classrooms, instructional laboratory space is heavily impacted by facilities condition issues and could benefit from renovations that improve quality and enable greater integration of active learning. Support and storage space for labs is identified as a critical need.

School of Dentistry Laboratory
School of Dentistry Simulation Laboratory
283,390 NASF
NOTE: Circle sized by total instructional lab NASF in each building