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The University consistently invests in facilities improvements across its extensive building portfolio to address deferred maintenance. The Master Plan affirms the critical importance of prioritizing these investments. As an outgrowth of the Space Assessment and the preplanning studies, the Master Plan specifically addresses demolition and major renovations that will involve significant programmatic changes.

The Master Plan identifies 1.2 million gross square feet of buildings for demolition on the main campus. Some buildings are nearing the end of their useful life or are not cost-effective to renovate. Buildings proposed for demolition are candidates for redevelopment due to the site’s potential capacity and current underutilization of valuable land resources.


  • Purple Stars: Worst Condition (FCI greater than .7)
  • Red Stars: Severe Condition (FCI between .3 and .7)
  • Yellow Stars: Poor Condition (FCI between .1 and .3)
  • Blue Stars: Candidates for Major Renovation
  • Black Stars: Candidates for Demolition
  • Black Shaded Areas: Areas for Proposed Demolition