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Acceptable Materials

  • Brick
    • Limestone or precast trim is encouraged.
    • Any variety in brick colors should be subtle.
    • Any brick patterns should be subtle.
    • There should be no excessive striping or patterning.
    • A mix of bonds (flemish, running, etc.) should be encouraged.
    • Stacked bond should be discouraged.
  • Limestone
  • Architectural Precast
  • Wood
  • Stucco (No synthetic stucco)
  • Trim
    • Granite
    • Slate
    • Limestone
    • Precast
    • Wood
    • Metal
  • Roofs
    • Slate (1st choice)
    • Asphalt shingle (high quality)
    • Tile
    • Standing seam metal (painted or natural)
  • Details: chimneys, dormers, light fixtures, downspouts, signage, etc.

Cast-in-place concrete, metal panel, “utility” brick and glass block are generally discouraged as materials for exterior walls. Curtain walls may be used at special areas such as a hospital concourse or large public lobbies.

UNC-Chapel Hill

Hanes Art Center
Aycock-Graham Connector
Aycock-Graham Connector
Old East

Other Precedents

Stanford University
University of Oregon
Johns Hopkins University
Syracuse University