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This revised plan for the campus reflects the remarkable strides made toward realization of the 2001 Plan. Many changes and new ideas have been implemented, and many more are in progress. The campus has experienced significant, rapid growth over the past five years, but this pace is slowing somewhat to a more
traditional schedule. The many new buildings and additions will facilitate renovation and maintenance of existing facilities.

Many findings of the Update are consistent with the 2001 Plan, therefore the two documents are meant to be used together going forward. What follows are highlights of adjustments to the Plan, organized by district, with attention to key planning issues that arose in the course of the Update.

  1. Arts Common: No underground parking deck, instead surface parking will accommodate service, accessibility, and employees.
  2. Porthole Alley: Updated plans reflect changes in program needs and recognize use constraints.
  3. Whitehead Hall: Renovation will accommodate Carolina Inn expansion needs.
  4. Science Complex: A larger central quad atop an underground science library is planned.
  5. Morehead Planetarium and Science Center: Expansion to the north will accommodate visitor needs and engage with Franklin Street.
  6. Davie Hall: Building will be demolished and replaced.
  7. Student Housing: Reduced pressure for new housing allows preservation of open space southeast of Kenan and McIver Halls. Site southwest of Cobb Hall developed as a Parking Deck and Chiller Plant, with recreational open space.
  8. Jackson Hall: Plans for renovation and expansion forthcoming.
  9. School of Government: Update makes allowance for future expansion.

North District

  1. Ridge Road: Streetscape improvements will promote pedestrian safety.
  2. Boshamer Field: Renovation and expansion planned to meet program needs.
  3. ROTC: Site reserved for future ROTC facility north of Student Academic Services Building on Ridge Road.
  4. Craige Deck: Three additional levels of parking to be added to existing structure.
  5. Central Park South
    • Outline of area has been adapted slightly to reflect some adjacent programming changes.
    • Open space will be programmed for passive recreation.
  6. Tennis Court Area: A deck with tennis courts on top will replace previous design. Courts will connect to open space at adjacent Hinton James Community.
  7. Skipper Bowles Lot: Programming of area has changed based on housing and athletic needs. Structured parking and academic or office building replace previous design, while maintaining a viable pedestrian route through the area.
  8. Public Safety Building: Public Safety will be relocated from Southwest District to a site adjacent to Manning Drive deck.
  9. South Access Road: See Transportation System.
  10. Student Housing: New footprints no longer needed adjacent to Carmichael and Hinton James Residence Halls.

Southeast District

  1. South Columbia Street: Pedestrian safety improvements will support north-south route through campus.
  2. Dental Sciences: Two existing buildings to be demolished and replaced. Project includes a pedestrian bridge that crosses Manning Drive.
  3. 2003 Health Care System and School of Medicine Precinct Study: Study issues included the realignment of Mason Farm Road, clarity of visitor circulation and parking and flexibility and redundancy of vehicle access:
    • Right-of-way for fixed-route transit continues to be preserved.
    • New plaza at pedestrian bridge landing at Mary Ellen Jones building will connect existing research buildings to improved north-south pedestrian corridor.
  4. South Access Road: See Transportation System.
  5. Bell Tower: Planned roof-top open space will be replaced with open space at grade.
  6. Kenan Stadium: Completion of southeast end of stadium for additional seating is planned. Skybox seating will be introduced above southwest side.
  7. Student Health: Renovation considered, but current Taylor Clinic is inadequate; improved facility desired. Relocation and redevelopment will be in conjunction with UNC Hospitals plans.
  8. UNC Hospitals Area: Expansion of Emergency Room access is planned. Redevelopment will be in conjunction with replacement of Taylor Clinic and potential additions on north side of Hospital.
  9. Public Safety Building: To better utilize this building site, the Public Safety Department will be relocated to the Southeast District.
  10. Utility Plant Sites
    • Site necessary in south campus for additional chiller plant.
    • Site necessary for reclaimed water tank to accommodate new reuse water system.
  11. Campus Support Facility: Site reconfigured to accommodate a support facility.

Southwest District