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HallwayHello all,

On Tuesday morning, I walked into Energy Management’s section of the Giles F. Horney Building, and I was immediately struck by an eerie silence. The office doors were shut, the lights were off, and no one was bustling about as usual. Where could everyone at Energy Management be?!

The other intern was a little puzzled as well, but after a few minutes of working, he said that he had figured out where everyone was: the Appalachian Energy Summit. According to our website and the University of North Carolina Energy Summit Collaborative Initiative, UNC-Chapel Hill and many other University of North Carolina System schools have pledged to both reduce their energy expenditures and make their campuses more sustainable. One of the ways that they work to achieve these goals is by meeting annually at the Appalachian Energy Summit.

Although today at the office was a little bit lonely, I think it’s great that all of the people who are usually here are taking time to collaborate with their peers to help make our universities and our state more efficient and sustainable.

If you want to read more about the Appalachian Energy Summit, just follow the linked text above and poke around their website.

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