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The following memo was sent to all Facilities Services staff Aug. 25, 2017.



TO:                 Facilities Services Division

FROM:           Anna Wu, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services

SUBJECT:      Staff Safety and Security

DATE:             August 25, 2017

It has come to my attention some staff members have raised concerns about their personal safety and security the past several weeks while clearing the grounds around Silent Sam, and during removal of banners and posters on campus. The safety and well-being of our staff is my number one concern, and I want our team to feel secure while working, without fear of threat or harm. We will consider all options in addressing these issues.

As an immediate action, when facilities staff is tasked with the above responsibilities and you have safety or security concerns, please contact University Police via Dispatch at (919) 962-8100. Provide your name, a contact number, and intended work location, and you will be met on scene by an officer who will provide for your safety while you work.

Please contact me if you have further concerns or questions about this message.


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