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What is composting?

“The product resulting from ‘controlled decomposition’ of organic material that has been sanitized through the generation of heat and stabilized to the point that it is beneficial to plant growth.”

–US Composting Council

Why is it important?

On our campus alone, 47% of our trash are items that are compostable. That’s unnecessary waste being put into landfills and contributing to climate change!

Residence Hall Composting:

In Room Compost Bins
Personal Compost Bins
-What can be composted?

  • Paper products: pizza boxes, paper plates, shredded paper, paper boxes from Lenoir (preferably no bulk paper)
  • Fruit, vegetables, hair, nails, coffee grounds, tea bags

What can’t be composted?

  • Synthetic materials: metals, plastics, etc.

-The residents can check out the black compost bins from the front desk. They keep the compost bins in their room, and they are small enough to fit in a mini fridge. They are air tight, so they won’t smell. It is the responsibility of the resident to empty and clean their compost bins. The compost bins are emptied into the green community compost bin, which is located in the dumpster area at each community. It is suggested to take them out once a week. The compost is collected weekly and taken to Brooks Compost.

What could your compsting kickoff look like?

  • You could have a pizza party and explain that everything at the event is compostable.
  • You could cater your program and make the residents pick out which items are compostable. (Preferably all items!)
  • Dirt pudding event with information about composting.
  • Bring some food and hand out compost bins!

Why do we need a composting kickoff?

Unlike recycling where the items are sorted, composting must be thrown out if it is contaminated with non-compostable materials. Because of this, we need to inform the residents on how to properly use the compost program!

If you complete the program before the end of September, your community will be awarded with 100 EXTRA GREEN GAMES POINTS!

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