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Why is it important?

How many people on your residence hall are completely sure where pizza boxes go? Do they know where to recycle batteries? Do they know what to do if they have a leaky sink? These are all examples where environmental education would better the sustainability of the dorms, and so programs about this would be helpful!

Three zeros initiative:

The Three Zeros Initiative was launched in the Fall of 2016 by Chancellor Carol Folt. The goal is to move the campus closer to its goal of water neutrality, zero waste, and greenhouse gas neutrality.


Ensure sustainability of the water supply, conserve drinking water and increase non-potable, reclaimed water usage, maximize recycling and reuse, minimize materials brought onto campus, reduce hydrocarbons, and switch to renewables.

Visit or for more information

How Can You and Your Residents Help?

Every effort you make to reduce the water you use, the materials you throw away and the emissions you produce through energy use and travel advances the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative.

Water Conservation

Turn off water when brushing teeth/shaving, take less than 5-minute showers, report all leaks by filling out a maintenance form to FixMyRoom

Waste Reduction

Use reusable grocery bags and water bottles, recycle all plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and #2, #4, #5 plastic tubs

Energy Savings

Turn off lights, unplug appliances when not in use, use colder water for showers and washing clothes

If you or an organization you work with would like to learn more about how it can better align your/its work with the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative, please contact Tait Chandler at for more information.

If you submit Green Games points for a program that is centered around the Three Zeros Initiative, you will get 30 bonus points!
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