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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power. It is also generated from natural resources, such as sunlight, rain, tides, and geothermal heat.

Why is it Important?

The United States, like most industrious countries, relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. These fossil fuels are non-renewable, that is, they draw on finite resources that will eventually dwindle, becoming too expensive or environmentally damaging to retrieve.

Fossil Fuel Facts

  • Based on current worldwide consumption rates, the natural gas supply will run out within the next 35 years, and within 70 years the world’s current oil reserves will be gone.
  • Americans use about 18 million barrels of oil every day.
  • Today, fossil fuels supply more that 90% of the world’s energy.
  • When fossil fuels are burnt, they release toxic gases into the atmosphere and can cause air pollution and serious health problems.

How can you and your residents save energy?

Wash your clothes in cold water, buy energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, wear more/less clothing in your dorm during the warm/cold months, walk, bike, car pool, use mass transit, buy a car that gets good gas mileage, reduce, reuse, recycle, work with your employer to implement green lifestyle choices, stay involved in the environmental issues on both a local and national levels!

What could your program look like?

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  • Host an Environmental Trivia Night!
  • Plan a scavenger hunt to find wasted sources of energy on campus!
  • Host a presentation on sustainable transportation methods (bus routes, Tar Heel Bikes, walking tour).
  • Invite a guest speaker to present about renewable energy!
  • Have your residents take the Carolina Green Pledge!
  • Create your own pledge with the residents and have them sign and distribute it!


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