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DIY Month

What’s the Importance of Making Your Own Food?

While restaurants are always fun to go to, they produce copious amounts of waste, from styrofoam cups to food waste. However, the worst culprit when it comes to waste is the massive fast food industry. Did you know that the garbage from fast food restaurants make up 50% of street waste?

What’s the Importance of Smart Shopping?

When you’re out grocery shopping, keep in mind the high waste that comes with individually packaged goods! Help reduce shopping waste by using a reusable grocery bag, repurposing old t shirts, making your own granola or trail mix, and making crafts out of recycled materials!

What About Beauty Products?

  • Try making your own all-natural face and body scrubs!
  • Make up can even be DIY! Think of how much your skin will thank you!
  • Did you know that most toothpaste containers aren’t recyclable? You can even DIY toothpaste!
  • Coconut oil and tea tree oil are amazing substitutes for many beauty products as well.
  • Many cleaning products can be made from natural ingredients, too! Get all of those harsh chemicals off your surfaces!

DIY Program Idea Links

Download this month’s Green Games flyer.


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