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Governor Roy Cooper has proclaimed March 23, 2018, as Energy Education Day in North Carolina. Energy Management would like to thank all staff, faculty and students at UNC-Chapel Hill who help our University to achieve energy savings.

Energy Education Day Proclamation
Energy Education Day 2018

State of North Carolina
Roy Cooper, Governor
Energy Education Day 2018
By the Governor of the State of North Carolina
A Proclamation

WHEREAS, energy education provides an awareness and understanding of the nature and role of energy in the universe and in our lives; energy education also provides the foundation to apply this understanding of energy to answer questions and solve problems; and

WHEREAS, North Carolina recognizes the importance of energy education programming that inspires students, teachers, and innovative leaders to explore sustainable solutions to meet the current and future energy demands of our state, and ensure that power is efficiently generated, transmitted, and distributed; and

WHEREAS, energy education is essential for developing a strong foundation for students to succeed in the growing energy and engineering fields of study; the State of North Carolina recognizes the importance of promoting energy education programming throughout our state, and of introducing students in grades K-12 to energy-related studies and career opportunities; and

WHEREAS, it is vital to promote an energy-conscious society by training networks of students, educators, businesses, government, and community leaders who are equipped to design and deliver objective, data-driven, and science-based energy decisions and outcomes; and

WHEREAS, North Carolina’s diversified energy resource portfolio-including power generated from nuclear, solar, hydro, coal, wind, natural gas, and other innovative resource applications – requires the provision of energy education that encompasses all energy resources; an

WHEREAS, the State recognizes its role to lead-by-example, and commends the University of North Carolina System’s institutions that together have reduced energy use per square foot by 32 percent during the last 15 years; and

WHEREAS, energy is a global commodity that impacts economies and the environment worldwide; North Carolina is committed to educating our students and providing workforce development training to ensure our communities have the modem tools they need to achieve success in the energy sciences by fostering the fields of technology, engineering, science, and mathematics;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ROY COOPER, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim March 23, 2018, as “ENERGY EDUCATION DAY” in North Carolina, and commend its observance to all citizens.

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