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For Arts Everywhere Day, the second annual campuswide celebration of the arts and creativity that calls attention to the strategic Arts Everywhere initiative supporting The Blueprint for Next, Carolina employees worked behind the scenes and in the spotlight with artists, students, campus departments and others to make the celebration a success. Michael Pierce, accessibility specialist in Facilities Services, handled ADA and accessibility preparations at all Arts Everywhere sites.

Michael Pierce
“If a site has interactive parts, I made sure that at least one part of the art is accessible so that people with disabilities can experience it the same as people without a disability. I think Arts Everywhere and the interactive type of art is an important aspect of campus that allows people to have a variety of experiences. It confirms that art is not only something you look at, but you experience, like the interactiveness of the pianos, and that art also has function. It’s important that when we put this art out there that it’s accessible to everyone.”

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