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Kenan Labs Work Zones and Pedestrian Detours
Kenan Labs Work Zones and Pedestrian Detours

As part of the ongoing renovation of the seventh and eighth floors of Kenan Labs, a crane will be staged in the Venable Parking Lot to transport construction materials and equipment to the roof of the building. This will require that the parking lot be closed to employee parking May 14, 2018 through June 10, 2018. N11 permit holders should park in the Nash Lot (N7 Zone) and on Stadium Drive (S4 Zone). Access to the Kenan and Morehead Labs loading dock will be restricted and building deliveries should be scheduled with the project contractor, Bordeaux Construction.

The bus stop on South Road at Kenan Labs (Stop ID: 3215) that serves Chapel Hill Transit routes CCX, G and V and GoTriangle routes 800 and 805 will be closed and temporarily relocated outside Caudill Labs.

Pedestrians should remain alert to construction activity in the area, obey all signs and barriers, and follow designated pedestrian routes and detours. Building occupants of Kenan Labs, Morehead Labs, Caudill Labs, Murray, Venable and Dey Hall should be aware of building exits that will be closed except in cases of emergency. During an emergency, all crane activity will be stopped and all exits may be utilized.

For questions regarding the nature and status of this project, contact Chris Glenn, construction manager, at

For questions concerning transportation and parking, contact UNC Transportation and Parking during regular business hours at 919-962-3951.

Kenan Labs 7th and 8th Floor Renovation

Built in 1971, Kenan Laboratories is a ten-story, 140,410 square foot teaching laboratory facility for the Chemistry and Applied Physical Sciences departments. This project will renovate approximately 23,000 square feet of lab and lab support space located on the seventh and eighth floors. Additional infrastructure upgrades include life safety and ADA improvements on floors 3-9 and the installation of three new rooftop air handling units. The project will be completed in multiple phases while the building remains occupied.

Scheduled Construction: Oct. 1, 2017 – Dec. 31, 2018

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