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Heads up:

The Caring for Community 4K Run is scheduled for this Saturday, March 16th from 9AM until 2PM on the ‘airport side’.

Staging will be in The Meadow. The course uses the Pumpkin Loop road. The multi-use single track trails are not part of this event.

Racers and their fans will be parking around the Land Management Office and in the Locust Lot.

The Municipal Drive access will be closed from 9:45AM until 11AM – while racers are actually racing on the loop road – but you can still park at the Land Management Office.

If you prefer a less crowded, hassle-free ride, this event doesn’t include any of the ‘school side’ trails.

Thanks for reading and for your consideration Saturday.

Flyer for Caring for Community 4K

(11:36:57 AM)

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