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Computer Recycling ImageReceiving new electronics during the holidays? Don’t throw out old computers, phones or other electronic equipment. If items are in good working condition consider donating to a local thrift store, charity or other organization in need, or drop items off for reuse at the “Salvage Sheds” located at four of the Solid Waste Convenience Centers in Orange County. The closest to campus is the Eubanks Road Waste and Recycling Center at 1514 Eubanks Road.

Unwanted or unusable electronics can be recycled at any of the five Orange County Solid Waste Convenience Centers. Note that computers and televisions are banned from North Carolina landfills and MUST be recycled.

Orange County accepts the following electronics for recycling:

  • Battery operated toys (batteries must be removed and recycled separately).
  • Cassette players.
  • CD players.
  • Cell phones (batteries should be removed and recycled separately).
  • Computers and computer peripherals (monitors, mice, keyboards, printers and speakers).
  • Electronic media such as floppy disks, DVDs, CDs and their jewel cases (please, no audio or video cassette tapes).
  • Fax machines.
  • Laserdisc players.
  • Photocopiers (toner cartridges also accepted).
  • Radios and stereo receivers.
  • Telephones and telephone systems.
  • Televisions.
  • Toner cartridges.
  • VCRs

For information on recycling or disposal of other materials, such as batteries, greeting cards, string lights and packing materials, visit the Orange County A-Z Recycle Guide.

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