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For the most up-to-date University community information, visit the UNC Coronavirus webpage.

With the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, at the top of everyone’s minds, Facilities Services would like to brief the University community on the cleaning practices used within campus facilities and the pandemic preparedness plans that are in place. Most importantly, Facilities Services would like to reassure faculty, staff and students that Housekeeping Services uses best-in-class cleaning processes to stop chains of infection and limit the opportunities for pathogens to spread throughout University buildings.

Housekeeping Services uses the (OS1)® System, which is a comprehensive, high-performance management system for custodial organizations. Every housekeeper has received extensive training and has been certified to complete specialized tasks within the system. Staff are provided with special tools and chemicals for their job functions, which include the use of germicidal cleaner in an outbreak situation.

As a part of pandemic planning, Housekeeping Services has completed or is in the process of completing the following steps to combat COVID-19 within University facilities:

  • Identify all potential routes of transmission.
  • Conduct a survey of all direct and indirect high-touch surface areas throughout campus buildings.
  • Provide custodial staff with additional training and instruction on proper disinfection protocols.
  • Provide custodial staff with “Protect Yourself” training so they understand routes of transmission and how to best protect themselves when cleaning.
  • Stockpile additional cleaning and disinfection supplies.

It is important to note that at this point the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not recommended additional disinfection beyond routine cleaning. However, Housekeeping Services teams are meeting on a regular basis and have been instructed by UNC Environment, Health and Safety to increase disinfection (using Clorox Wipes and PortionPac 264N) to all high-touch surface areas across all three shifts.

Facilities Services asks for the ongoing cooperation of the campus community in this effort as staff work diligently to keep high-touch areas cleaned and disinfected. Housekeeping Services will continue to monitor the situation and update cleaning protocols as necessary.

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