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Map of project phase one work zone and pedestrian routes
Generator Plant Project Phase One (April 6 – May 10) Work Zone and Pedestrian Routes
Map of project phase 1-A work zone and pedestrian routes
Generator Plant Project Phase One-A (May 11 – September) Work Zone and Pedestrian Routes

Construction of a central generator plant will begin Monday, April 6 in the S1 Public Safety Parking Lot and is expected to be completed May 2022. The 12,000-square-foot power generation plant will be operated by UNC Health and will provide additional capacity to UNC Hospitals during emergency conditions and critical infrastructure necessary for the Surgical Tower project currently in construction.

The project will require the closure of the S1 Public Safety Parking Lot to employee permit parking. S1 permit holders will be assigned to the Craige Parking Deck effective April 4 through Aug. 15. At this time alternate parking is also available in parking lots throughout campus for COVID-19 Mandatory employees and students reporting to work. For more information and updates regarding campus parking availability, refer to the COVID-19 Parking Impacts page. Remaining parking spaces in the S1 Parking Lot will be restricted to state and emergency vehicle access and visitor parking only.

Map of visitor access and parking
Public Safety Building Access and Visitor Parking

The Public Safety Building will remain accessible throughout this project. Beginning April 6 through September 2020, visitors should access the Public Safety Building via the northwest corner of the S1 Parking Lot. Drivers and pedestrians should remain alert to construction activity in this area and use designated access routes only.

For questions regarding the nature and status of this project, contact Stephanie Berrier, communications manager for Facilities Services, at

For questions concerning transportation and parking, contact UNC Transportation at

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