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One lane of traffic and the adjacent sidewalk on the east side of South Columbia Street will be closed beginning Monday, Sept. 26 through March 2023 to facilitate steam tunnel repairs.

Medical Drive will remain accessible throughout the project. During the second phase of the project, vehicles will enter Medical Drive using a temporary access road. Drivers and pedestrians should remain alert to changes in traffic patterns in this area.

Pedestrians traveling through this area should follow all designated pedestrian detours and use the western side of South Columbia Street via the Health Sciences Library and South Road crosswalks. The Medical Drive crosswalk will remain closed throughout this project.

For questions about this project, contact Stephanie Berrier, assistant director of communications and marketing for Finance and Operations, at

Map of phase one pedestrian detours
Phase One Pedestrian Detours
Map of phase two pedestrian detours
Phase Two Pedestrian and Vehicular Detours
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