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Old Well Accessibility Project work zone and pedestrian detour map
Old Well Accessibility Project Work Zone and Pedestrian Detour Map

The Old Well will undergo renovations to incorporate accessibility improvements beginning Tuesday, May 30. The project is estimated to be completed Aug. 11, weather permitting. Fencing will be installed around the area for safety, and the Old Well will not be accessible during this time.

The project will include the installation of an accessible sloped pathway that will connect the surrounding brick pavers with the upper platform of the Old Well. The stone plinth supporting the fountain will be removed, and the fountain will be lowered and reinstalled directly onto the upper platform. The new pathway will be constructed from granite that matches the existing granite base. Surrounding trees and landscaped areas will remain.

The adjacent sidewalk along the north side of East Cameron Avenue and surrounding walkways will be closed during this project. Pedestrians should follow designated pedestrian routes and remain alert to construction activity in the area.

The original well was constructed in 1795 and served as a source of drinking and bathing water for University faculty, staff and students. In 1897 the wooden shelter covering the well was replaced with a neoclassical rotunda. The current Old Well dates to 1954 when the original structure was razed and replaced with a sturdier replica. Read more about the history of this campus landmark in The Old Well You Never Knew.

For questions about this project, contact Stephanie Berrier, director of communications and marketing for Finance and Operations, at

Rendering of aerial view of Old Well
Designer Rendering of the Old Well (Aerial View)
Rendering of side view of the Old Well
Designer Rendering of the Old Well (Side View)
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