Energy, Climate Change, and the University

April 21, 2011

The Climate Problem Climate change is one of the most significant challenges of our time. Projected impacts include sea level rise, increasingly severe storms, floods, and droughts, changes in agricultural patterns, changes in species ranges and migration of tropical pests poleward, increased average temperatures, ocean acidification, and poorer air quality. Modern…

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2010 Awards and Recognition

December 31, 2010

Morrison Residence Hall placed 1st overall in the 2010 EPA Energy Star National Building Competition. Half of the recipients of the 2010 Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence were from Facilities Services. Building Commissioning Technician Todd Freeman, Safety Manager Alana Maffessanti and Director of the Sustainability Office Cindy Shea were all honored…

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2009 Awards and Recognition

December 31, 2009

UNC-Chapel Hill was awarded the Carolina Recycling Association’s 2009 award for the Outstanding Composting or Organics Recycling Program at a business, school or government agency in North and South Carolina. For the second year in a row, the University was designated a “Campus Sustainability Leader” among the top 25 universities…

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2008 Awards and Recognition

December 31, 2008

Gloria Fortune was named a 2008 C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Award winner.

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2007 Awards and Recognition

December 31, 2007

Half of the recipients of the C. Knox Massey Award were from Facilities Services: Terry Bowers, Housing Support electronics technician; Wanda Thompson, housekeeper, and Kirk Pelland, Grounds Services director. Housekeeping Services took home honors for the Best (OS1) Communications; and was also honored for the 2007 OS1 Safety Program and…

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2006 Awards and Recognition

December 31, 2006

Housekeeper Esther Ko was awarded the C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Award. Mark Moon, Grounds supervisor, received the University Managers Association’s Outstanding Encouragement of Learning and Development Award.

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