White fisher recycling bin and blue Fisher gel pack As part of a joint effort with the University and in support of the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative, Fisher Scientific installed collection bins for the reuse of their coolers and gel packs in UNC lab buildings. To participate, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Remove your product from the reusable cooler and store it appropriately
  • Place the reusable cooler and gel packs in the white bin located with the recycling containers on your floor (see locations in the table below)

Coolers and gel packs will be picked up regularly, disinfected, and reused for future orders.

Please call 919-843-9791 or contact David Holden with Fisher Scientific at david.holden@thermofisher.com if you have any questions about the program, want to add or move a bin, or need to get your bin emptied.

Fisher Reusable Cooler and Gel Pack Bin Locations*
Building Floor Site
Fordham Second Floor Near elevator
Third Floor Near elevator
Fourth Floor Near elevator
Fifth Floor Near elevator
Genetic Medicine First Floor Near elevator four
Second Floor Break Room 2041
Third Floor Break Room 3041
Fourth Floor Break Room 4041
Fifth Floor Break Room 5080
Genome Sciences Second Floor Room 2344
Third Floor Lab space 3244
Fourth Floor Atrium 4006
Hooker Third floor Outside 3300 by elevators
Kerr First Floor Hallway near 1311
Second Floor Near elevator/couch area
Third Floor Elevator Area
Koury First Floor Outside Auditorium
Third Floor Hallway near 3611
Fourth Floor Room 4602
Fifth Floor Room 5602
Lineberger First Floor Hallway outside 12-038
Second Floor Hallway outside 21-242
Third Floor Hallway by back elevator
Marsico Ground Floor Hallway outside 1212
Second Floor Hallway outside 2010
Third Floor Break Room 3022
Fourth Floor Break Room 4022
Fifth Floor Hallway outside 5021
Sixth Floor Break Room 6022
Seventh Floor Hallway near service elevator
MBRB First Floor Near elevator in lobby
Second Floor Near service elevator
Third Floor Near service elevator
Fourth Floor Near service elevator
Fifth Floor Near service elevator
Sixth Floor Near service elevator
Seventh Floor Near service elevator
Eighth Floor Near service elevator
Thurston-Bowles First Floor Near service elevator
Second Floor Near café back entrance
Third Floor Near room 3035
Fourth Floor Near mailboxes
Fifth Floor Near mailboxes by room 5006
Sixth Floor Hallway outside room 6030
Seventh Floor Hallway outside room 7113
* updated Nov. 29, 2018