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Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding trash disposal, waste reduction, reuse or recycling issues at UNC-Chapel Hill.

General Inquiries

Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Room 127 General Storeroom Building
111 Airport Drive, CB #1805
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1805
Map to Our Office

The idea for a campus recycling office began in 1988 when students concerned about the lack of recycling on campus joined together and formed the Tar Heel Recycling Program (TaRP). TaRP was successful in advocating for recycling among the 37,000 students, staff, and faculty. In accord with the emergence of this student environmental movement, in 1989 the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill created the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) and hired its first Recycling Coordinator. OWRR and TaRP purchased 155 thirty-two gallon containers and implemented a comprehensive residence hall recycling program where glass, newspaper, white paper, and aluminum could be recycled.

Since this time, OWRR has expanded both its size and the scope of materials it recycles. The staff has increased to eight full-time and three part time employees, and there are more than 2,500 recycling sites on campus.

Mission and Vision

Within the campus community, it is the mission of the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling to promote comprehensive waste reduction practices and provide effective solid waste services including recycling, composting and trash disposal. Waste will be seen as both a resource and a liability. The campus community will have the knowledge and resources in place to avoid waste and manage the resulting waste in a manner that allows for the least environmental impact. Proper waste management and waste avoidance will be considered in decisions made by all members of the campus community on a daily basis.

BJ Tipton
Program Manager

BJ joined OWRR in October 1998, and is a graduate of St. Andrews Presbyterian College. Prior to working at Carolina she worked for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and UNC Charlotte. At EDS, she worked to develop and implement recycling programs for the offices and statement printing areas. In 1992, she became UNC Charlotte’s first recycling coordinator and has brought a comprehensive approach to Carolina’s recycling program. BJ oversees OWRR’s extensive solid waste management programs and has helped to develop a comprehensive database for the office which tracks service locations, schedules, contacts and more. She also helped to develop the football stadium recycling program and worked with the Special Olympics task group. She serves as a liaison to Orange County’s Solid Waste Advisory Board. She worked extensively on the OWRR Guidelines website which is a reference for designers and contractors working on capital projects. BJ’s duties now include direct supervision of the campus crew.

Heather Campbell
Program Assistant

Heather joined the OWRR team in February, 2019 as the Program Assistant. Responsible for office management, preparing reports and publications, and overseeing financial processes for billing and invoices, she is a native of the Chapel Hill area; a Tar Heel born and a Tar Heel bred.

Amy Preble
Waste Diversion Coordinator

Amy is a Waste Diversion Coordinator, and has been with OWRR since November, 1999. She is responsible for managing the indoor recycling program, promotion of OWRR programs, educating the campus community about waste reduction and recycling issues, and expanding existing recycling programs. Amy’s projects include Residential Green Games, Green Labs, coordinating student move-in and student move-out, and collaborating with various departments on campus to encourage waste reduction wherever possible. She is a UNC-Chapel Hill alumna, with a degree in Women’s Studies.

Olivia Gambocarto
Waste Diversion Coordinator

Olivia joined the team in October 2017 as a Waste Diversion Coordinator with OWRR. She is responsible for managing and growing the compost program for campus, supporting waste diversion in UNC’s multi-family units, as well as expanding Ramses Recycles and other athletic sustainability efforts. Olivia is a graduate of the University of Buffalo where she focused on environmental studies, medical anthropology, and studio art. Prior to her work here at UNC, Olivia spent three years in Maine working for both the University of Maine as the Sustainability Outreach Coordinator and as an AmeriCorps member at multiple locations.

Janis Arrojado
Athletics Intern

Janis is a Geography major at UNC- Chapel Hill from Concord, NC. She is an ENFP, Aquarius, likes fashion, working out, and coffee! She assists OWRR with athletics recycling and social media.

Taylor Cooleen
Green Games Intern

Taylor is a junior at UNC- Chapel Hill majoring in Environmental Science with the Quantitative Energy Track. During her freshman year she served as the Sustainability Officer in the Community Government of Olde Campus Lower Quad and received the Sustainability Officer of the Year award from the Residence Hall Association.  Currently she serves as the Green Games Intern where she oversees the Green Games Program, a competition that promotes sustainability in the residence halls and encourages students to live sustainably at UNC . Taylor serves as a liaison between housing and the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling.

Julia Short
EcoStudio Intern

Julia Short is a UNC-Chapel Hill sophomore from Belmont, North Carolina with majors in both Environmental Studies and History. Through the EcoStudio program, Julia is working with the OWRR to reduce recycling and compost contamination by monitoring recycling practices across campus. After graduation, Julia plans to attend law school and pursue a career in environmental nonprofit law.

Henry Alston
Material Recovery Specialist
919-962-1442 (Office)
984-234-2195 (Cell)

Henry started working for OWRR in October, 2018. Prior to that, Henry worked for UNC Housekeeping for six years. Henry is a proud Tar Heel.


Chris Burnette
Material Recovery Specialist
919-962-1442 (Office)
984-234-9804 (Cell)

Chris Burnette worked for Housing and Residential Education for eight years before joining us in OWRR. He started working for OWRR in September, 2015. Chris’s responsibilities include servicing and setting up indoor recycling sites, and making sure that our recycling sites are clean and safe for public use.

Shawn Ellis
Operations Supervisor
919-962-7175 (Office)

919-201-2832 (Cell)

Shawn has been with OWRR since November, 2010. Prior to joining OWRR, Shawn was an ASE-certified automotive technician for ten years. Shawn is also a state-certified medical responder and volunteer firefighter. Shawn is one of our Material Recovery Specialists and Recycling Technicians, responsible for picking up confidential paper from departments on campus, emptying walkway recycling sites, maintaining and repairing dumpsters and compactors, monitoring dumpsters for regulated materials, and making sure that the areas around the recycling carts and dumpsters are clean and safe.

Meagan Harvell
Material Recovery Specialist
919-962-7175 (Office)
919-201-2832 (Cell)

Meagan recently completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at UNC Asheville where she majored in Environmental Policy and minored in Economics. Before that she served in the Navy for eight years and spent 2 years volunteering  with Habitat for Humanity and Americorps NCCC. She is excited to apply the knowledge, experience and skill that she was fortunate enough to amass throughout her journey towards solving environmental issues.

Hayden Wilson
Material Recovery Specialist
919-962-7175 (Office)

984-234-9803 (Cell)

Hayden is a graduate of the NC State Agriculture Institute.  He gained experience and knowledge of solid waste practices and handling recyclables while working at the Alamance County Landfill for 3 years.