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Housekeeping Services can provide help with your campus move; loan tables, chairs, or equipment; or move items to and from campus surplus.

Move Request Procedure

A move request form must be completed for each move.  Request forms may be completed by a requester/requesting department, a receptionist or a vehicle operator. A move request should be submitted online through the Facilities Services website.

Once a move form has been submitted and received you will be contacted by the Moving Crew to schedule a date/time for the move.

A damage waiver form must be completed and faxed to Housekeeping Services before a move can take place. Download a copy, fill out the required information and fax to Housekeeping Services, Moving Crew.

Situations We Do Not Handle

  • We do not move computers, printers, copiers, etc. unless they are going to Surplus
  • We do not break down modular furniture; customers will need to submit a general work request to Facilities Services for this service

If items are going to the Landfill, an account number will be required to pay the Tipping Fee.

All centrifuges and hoods will need to be tagged by the Office of Environment, Health and Safety before the movers will move them and the freon must be removed by HVAC before the movers can take the item to surplus.

Jobs Requiring a Survey

  • Relocation of one office or more
  • Move from floor to floor, room to room and one building to the next
  • Carpet installations and renovations require the room to be emptied

Small Jobs: What are Small Jobs?

  • Relocations
  • One – 20 boxes
  • Loans
  • Surplus items

Emergency: What Constitutes an Emergency?

  • Health Services (Student, ACC, Family Practice)
  • Health and Safety requests
  • Request from Director

What Jobs Will Be Priority?

  • Large moves
  • Chancellor’s Office/South Building
  • Jobs assigned between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12 noon

Loan Request Procedure

A temporary loan form must be completed to receive a loan. A loan request form can be obtained through the Facilities Services Website, once a loan form has been submitted and received you will be contacted by the Moving Crew to schedule a date/time for delivery/pick-up.

Items available for loan include but are not limited: tables (all of our tables are 6′ x 3′), chairs, trashcans, hand trucks and dollies.

*We DO NOT have podiums or tents to loan


Loan Operations

  • Upon arrival, you will need to meet the movers to sign for your loan.
  • If the loan is delivered outside, it can not be picked up on the day it was loaned, the item(s) will need to be put inside a building and the moving crew notified of the building and location where they were left. ITEMS CANNOT BE LEFT OUTSIDE.
  • We do not work on weekends so loans delivered on Fridays will not be able to be picked up until the following Monday.

Surplus Procedures

Items that are no longer needed or that have become obsolete are disposed of by sending them to the Surplus Property Warehouse. Surplus Property Warehouse policies and procedures.

Deliveries and Pick-up

For early deliveries that occur between the hours of 7:45 to 9:00 a.m., the customer should receive a courtesy call to see if anyone is present. The call can be made by any team member; normally it will be made by the supervisor/crew leader.

*Courtesy calls should precede all pick-ups whether AM or PM. This references Loans and Surplus pick-ups from Surplus Warehouse as well.