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Requests for planned outages of chilled water to any facility will only be accepted from the Facility Service Department involved in the work being done, Construction Management or a Contractor providing construction or renovation services on campus. All requests must be received no less than 5 business days in advance of the start date of the work.

Procedure for Requesting a Chilled Water Outage

  1. Gather the following information and submit to UNC Chilled Water Department using Appendix K of these Specifications:
    • Name of Facility Service Department, Construction Manager or Contractor submitting request along with their contact information.
    • Description of work to be preformed.
    • Name of Customer/Department and Building Name.
    • List of any Building Contacts or occupants who are aware of the work that needs to be accomplished.
    • Begin and End Times for Outage.
  2. Prior to confirming an outage can be accommodated, Chilled Water will review the real or potential impact of the request. The review will include:
    • Impact on other customers
    • Potential impact of weather to initiate or complete the service outage
    • Any special or unusual material needs for service restoration
    • A plan to complete work and restore chilled water to the affected buildings
    • Time required to complete work and restore chilled water to the affected buildings
  3. Once the review is completed and outage is acceptable, confirmation will be provided to the requesting party. Should any considerations be of sufficient concern to require further evaluation or delay, Chilled Water will inform the requesting party of reasons and alternatives.
  4. Once the outage request has been accepted, UNC Customer Service will be notified. They will issue a blanket notification to building occupants and other UNC Departments that might be affected. Chilled Water will post notices on the building no later than 48 hours prior to the outage starting.
  5. Prior to restoring service, Chilled Water will contact the requesting party to confirm the system can safely be restored with no danger to any personnel associated with or involved in the outage.
  6. At the completion of the outage, Chilled Water will issue a blanket notification to building occupants and other UNC Departments through UNC Customer Service and will remove posted notices.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns, please contact Chilled Water at 919-962-1448.

A request for a chilled water outage needs to be submitted at least 5 working days before the outage is needed. This allows us to set the outage up with the proper contacts and arrange for any personnel needs that the outage may require.

Organization requesting outage:_________________________________________________________

Person requesting outage:______________________________________________________________

Outage location:______________________________________________________________________

Reason for outage:____________________________________________________________________

Date and duration of outage:_____________________________________________________________

Contact Person:_______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number:__________________________________

Chilled Water Checklist