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Current PDF Version of This Guideline


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill continues to evolve to meet dynamic growth and technology needs. The Design Guidelines incorporate the unique principles of the University to support Carolina’s mission of teaching, research and public service, and to promote its spirit and culture. In planning the University’s future, the Main Campus master plans were completed in 2001, 2006 and 2009. The first phase of the master plan for the Carolina North campus was completed in 2009, and the Mason Farm Road campus master plan is ongoing. The three campuses are being integrated efficiently and effectively to meet the University’s divergent needs. The Design Guidelines reflect the University’s flexibility without compromising the goal of excellence in providing sustainable development and operations, accessibility for all campuses, and environmental stewardship. Coherent transportation and infrastructure – juxtaposed with the expanding open space network – underpins the integration of the three campuses.

Guideline Compliance

Beginning with the programming phase the contracted designer is expected to use – and reference any exceptions to – the latest version of the Design Guidelines. The front of each phase of the documents submitted for review is to note the date stamp of the version of the Design Guidelines used for the project. In addition, the Designer is to use other requirements by the State of North Carolina. The Guidelines are organized to follow the sequence of the design process. They are to be used as a core tool by the contracted designer to direct them through project development but they do not substitute for the optimum design solution. The Guidelines are a baseline outlining the unique requirements of the University. They allow the contracted designer to introduce alternative or improved concepts, methods and products. All exceptions shall be reviewed and approved by the University’s Project Manager prior to implementation.

Additional Information