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Electric snow-melt system

The snow-melt system shall be connected to the BAS and equipped with a replaceable moisture/temperature sensor and remote override.

Ice Machines

Provide isolation valves, pressure regulators (when required), 25 micron in-line filters, and braided stainless flex connectors on the supply water. Locate the filter and isolation valve in an easily accessible location, such as on the wall beside the ice machine, but not behind the ice machine.

Provide one foot of clearance in the rear and two feet of clearance on each side.

Provide washable condenser filters.

The following brands are approved: Follett, Hoshizaki, or Scotsman.


For each designated freezer space, specify both 120 (NEMA 5-20R) and 208 VAC receptacles.

For buildings with more than 10 freezers, specify a dedicated freezer for loaner freezers and equipped with both 120 & 208 VAC.

Freezers shall be fed from a panel backed up by the emergency generator.

Autoclaves, Sterilizer, Cagewashers, and Glassware washers

Cagewashers and autoclaves shall be equipped with water conservation features.

Provide corrosion-proof drain pans under autoclaves or coordinate with the architect to provide a sloped floor to a recessed floor sink. Leaks shall not be capable of escaping the autoclave room.

Drains shall be corrosion resistant such as Orion PVDF.

Purewater Systems (RO and DI Water)

For large systems, RO pretreatment is required. Provide a single, centralized RO system. (RO pretreatment extends the life of resin beds by 6X.)

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