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Current PDF Version of This Guideline

Computer Access Floor System

The access floor system shall consist of 24″ square steel encapsulated wood core panels that are removable and interchangeable and provide easy access to the plenum area beneath the floor panels.

Raise the system above the sub floor to a height sufficient to allow wiring, bus duct, and adequate air flow to all air outlets. Provide for at least 33% growth. Support the under structure system in such a way as to provide a floor that is rigid, level and free of vibration.

The system shall have electrical continuity between the top of the floor panels and the base plates. The system shall have a Class 1-A fire rating when tested in accordance with ASTM-84-79.

The system shall have available accessories as follows: Cable cut outs with grommets, ramps, steps, hand rails, fascia molding, plenum dividers, cove base, perforated air flow panels with adjustable air flow dampers and panel lifting devices.

Window Blinds

The University standard for all window coverings is 1 inch horizontal mini blinds equal to Levelor, Hunter Douglas or Bali. Color: white.


The architectural construction documents shall incorporate the approved permanent room numbering / system utilized for all interior room identification signs.

All signage shall incorporate the requirements of the current edition of the North Carolina Building Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act Architectural Guidelines.

The University buildings are a smoke free environment. All entrances to buildings shall incorporate “No Smoking” signage.

Interior signs which must be installed prior to the Certificate of Occupancy include:

  • Room Number Signs
  • Toilet Room signs.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Room signs.
  • Stair and Elevator Signs
  • Tactile Exit Signs

Note: Temporary signs are not acceptable.

As the signage program is developed consider fabricating the signage in-house. Consult UNC sign shop for present in-stock standard signage systems/styles. Consult the Project Manager for this determination. If signage is performed in-house, include line item in budget. Room numbering is a requirement of the fire alarm system and NFPA. It must be included as a life safety element.