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The Facilities Services Safety Committee is hereby constituted and structured to provide direction and organization for the safety effort throughout the department. To that end, the Committee will be responsible, in accordance with the Safety Mission, Vision, and Values of the Department, to formulate, document and implement operating strategies, operating goals and a plan to achieve the goals for each fiscal year of the department operation.

The Committee shall stand indefinitely and shall execute all duties prescribed or delineated, or as otherwise provided, under the authority of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services.

The Safety Committee exists to establish and conduct the course for employees’ safety and safe work behaviors throughout Facilities Services. To that end, the Committee will:

  • Develop the strategy by which safety for all employees is nurtured and cared for.
  • Make recommendations for changes concerning health and safety throughout the department.
  • Establish goals and milestones by which the entire safety effort may be chartered and by which achievements may be measured.
  • Develop annual plans for the continuous improvement of a comprehensive safety model to improve safety for all employees and by which each employee may fully embrace safety as a way of life for themselves and for their associates.
The Safety Committee will, with a magnified foresight:

  • Continually strive to a means by which each person may realize how they as individuals contribute to the general and specific welfare of all employees within Facilities Services.
  • Actuate the caring spirit of each member of the Facilities Services team to excel in safety and never relax our behavior in safety.
  • Respect the value of the importance of safety as we carry out our work.
  • Exemplify to each member of Facilities Services how we can achieve a workplace of 100% safety.
Facilities Services is and will continue to be known by these principles.

  • Employee safety is our highest calling. The safety, health, welfare and very life of all employees are paramount and every effort will continue to be pursued to ensure that to the greatest extent.
  • The safety of each employee is most important. No job is so important that we cannot take time to do it with the highest importance: safety.
  • We believe in and stand for the Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect and Excellence and by these we will be known and followed.


Membership on the Facilities Services Safety Committee shall consist of the following:

  1. Directors from each department listed will appoint two members from their groups, preferably a manager/supervisor member and one trades/technical member.
  2. Directors shall afford committee members a flexible work schedule to attend Safety Committee meetings and business.
    1. Building Services
    2. Construction Services
    3. Facilities Planning and Design
    4. Engineering Services
    5. Grounds Services
    6. Housekeeping Services
    7. Administrative Services
  3. One Recording Secretary assigned by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services, that will be a non-voting member of the committee.
  4. One Chairperson shall be proposed by the committee membership and approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor. The Chairperson is to have served as a Safety Committee member for the last one year prior to assuming the position of chairperson.
  5. The Facilities Services Workplace Safety Officer shall serve as the Associate Chairperson.
  6. The Facilities Services Training Officer.
  1. All members shall exemplify safe working behaviors while performing their regular function, to set the type of safety behavior expected of all employees.
  2. All members shall have the responsibility and authority to vote on issues and matters that come before the meeting that are to be resolved in this fashion.
  3. Members shall perform tasks as assigned or when voluntarily responding to Committee needs as offered or suggested.
  4. Members are to attend each regularly scheduled meeting and, as applicable, other meetings as called by the Chairperson or the Associate Vice Chancellor.
  5. The Chairperson is requested to attend the monthly Safety Committee meeting with the Associate Vice Chancellor as well as the Facilities Services Safety Officer and EHS Workplace Safety Manager.
  6. Membership is considered a work assignment and all members are to attend meetings and other specific activities as assigned, as part of their normal work responsibility. If a member is on leave from work at the time of the meeting, the Director of the division must send an alternate member to represent the division.
  7. Members are expected to contribute actively in their position and to seek out ways they may proactively be involved in discussion and outside tasks and projects.
    1. Members as a committee will be asked to attend and support additional University Facilities Services events such as but not limited to Summer Splash.
  8. Members will be asked on a quarterly basis as a full committee to perform site/workplace-specific safety inspections. The site/workplace will be determined by the Facilities Safety Officer.
  1. Each member shall serve for two (2) years and may serve additional terms at the discretion of the Director.
  2. The Chairperson shall serve for one (1) year) in the Chairperson capacity.
  3. Appointments will follow an altered calendar with members’ terms ending August 31 and beginning September 1.