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State-owned supplies and equipment must be sent to University Surplus Property for recycling or disposal.

Confidential Materials

Confidential paper must be boxed and labeled. Call 919-962-1442 or fill out a service request to request a pickup. Remove all contaminants such as binder clips, rubber bands, metal or plastic, and transparencies. There is an $10 charge per box; please specify your account number when requesting service.

For other confidential material, such as transparencies, microfiche or x-rays, view a list of data destruction companies. Electronic media storage devices, including hard drives and tape drives, can be sent to University Surplus Property for shredding.

Requesting Temporary Bins

Moving offices or doing a file purge? Please reserve temporary bins for recyclables by filling out a service request with the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling (OWRR) or by calling 919-962-4699.

OWRR can deliver as many bins as needed, and these bins can accommodate higher-than-normal volumes of recyclables without filling up the permanent recycling bins too quickly. Temporary bins can be emptied multiple times before they are taken away. Please contact us at least 48 hours before you will need the bins delivered.

Please follow the regular recycling guidelines for mixed paper. By North Carolina Statute, all University records belong to the public, even if they are confidential. However, not all documents must be kept in perpetuity. Please follow the University Archives and Records Management Services (UARMS) Record Retention Schedule and Guidelines when purging files.

When Moving Offices

Scientific Supply is no longer able to accept packing peanuts for recycling. Instead, local packaging stores may also take packing peanuts, based on how many they have on hand. Call first before bringing them by. No other Styrofoam material is accepted for recycling.

Take your desk-side recycling bin to your new location, but please do not remove the large OWRR bins. Let OWRR know when you move in to your new location so that new bins can be delivered and you can be added to the pickup schedule.

Office Clean Out Contacts

Central Receiving
Environment, Health and Safety
Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling
University Surplus Property Warehouse