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For the following items, University Surplus Property provides a shredding service. A few of the charges are listed below.

  • CDs/DVDs – $0.10
  • Floppy Disks – $0.10
  • Flash Drive – $0.10
  • Cassette Tape – $0.25
  • VHS Tape – $0.50
  • Sim Card – $0.10
Specialized Recycling Collection Bin (E-Waste)
Students can recycle their cell phones in the Student Union electronic waste recycling bins or at area offices of their housing communities. Clear display jugs are located in each area office — just drop it off in the jug! Student Union electronic waste recycling bins are located next to Alpine Bagel and in the basement study area.

University employees can recycle their personal cell phones by sending them to the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling via campus mail at CB #1805. Work cell phones are considered State property, and are recycled through Surplus Property.

Computer disks, CDs and DVDs may be taken to Surplus Property for recycling. Surplus Property will also pick them up from your office if you fill out a pickup request form.

The Orange County Solid Waste Convenience Center on Eubanks Road will also recycle these materials. Here are several other resources for recycling these materials:

Plastic Recycling Incorporated
2015 S. Pennsylvania
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Mail unwanted Compact Discs to this address to be recycled.
Phone: 317-780-6100
Polymer Recovery Services
1440 Norman Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 408-748-9715
Fax: 408-980-8571
Contact: Charles Aljouny, President; George Salibi, Sales Manager
Polymer Recovery Corporation
1127 Tar Heel Road
Charlotte, NC 28208
Phone: 704-391-2470
Fax: 704-393-3405
Contact: Bill Layman, President
GreenDisk Services
2200 Burlington
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: 800-305-3475
VidTape Inc.
340 Eastern Parkway
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Phone: 516-454-1234 x222
Takes CDs and DVDs. Ship UPS.
You pay for shipping, no charge for recycling.
All electronic waste is banned from landfills in North Carolina. University computer equipment, including monitors, keyboards, printers, etc., should not be placed into the trash. Computer equipment contains lead and mercury and can contaminate soil and water.

All University-owned computer equipment that is no longer wanted (including non-working equipment) should be taken to University Surplus Property. The computer equipment will then be sent to State Surplus property. Working computer equipment is sold through State Surplus Property, and non-working equipment is repaired for use in North Carolina schools. Computer equipment that cannot be repaired is recycled.

Personal computer equipment and peripherals can be recycled at the Student Union. Electronic waste bins are located by the first floor presentation area and the second floor lounge by Alpine Bagel. Larger equipment should be recycled at one of Orange County’s convenience centers or reuse non-profits.

Videotapes may be sent to Surplus Property for recycling. If a pickup request form is completed, Surplus Property will come to your office and pick them up.

Surplus Property also provides shredding and recycling for video tapes with confidential material. The cost is $0.10 per tape. Your department may want to contract with a document destruction company, some of which are listed on the confidential paper recycling page.