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Inkjet and laser toner cartridges from departmental printers can be recycled through Staples. Used cartridges should be boxed, clearly labeled as “Staples printer cartridges.” They should be left in a designated accessible location or given to Staples personnel when orders are delivered. All questions or concerns regarding the timing of Staples deliveries or pickups should be directed to Staples Customer Support at

Toner cartridges from Xerox multifunction devices are recycled by Carolina Managed Print Services. Used Xerox toner cartridges should be placed in an empty cartridge box or other box, labeled “Xerox printer cartridges” and left at your building’s campus mailbox station for pickup by University Mail Services. Questions about recycling or pickup of Xerox cartridges should be directed to University Mail Services.

Students may recycle their printer cartridges in the area offices of their housing communities. Clear display jugs are located in each area office.