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State-Supported Buildings Only

(Data last updated: Aug. 14, 2023)

The University performs in-house condition assessment surveys periodically throughout the year to identify the major deferred maintenance deficiency backlogs for state-supported campus buildings and infrastructure. These deficiencies are prioritized based on the building systems category severity such as life safety, structural safety and remaining life cycle of the systems. The data is utilized for prioritizing the funding for repairs and renovation projects. This page is updated annually each August to reflect data from the previous fiscal year.


Deferred Maintenance Backlog
Current Replacement Value
Facilities Condition Index
Total Gross Square Footage Assessed
Total Buildings Surveyed
Deferred Maintenance Costs by System
System Costs
Architectural $311,377,453
Conveying Systems $47,413,950
Electrical $134,573,536
Equipment $8,864,981
Fire Protection $71,222,303
HVAC $358,869,532
Infrastructure $85,907,153
Plumbing $82,330,612
Special Construction $12,558,226
Grand Total $1,113,147,746

Facilities Condition Index of Buildings Surveyed

The Facilities Condition Index (FCI) is a standard metric that objectively measures the current condition of a facility, allowing comparison both within and among institutions. The FCI is the ratio of the cost of remedying facilities deficiencies to the current replacement value.

FCI 0-0.05
FCI 0.05-0.10
FCI 0.10-0.30
FCI > 0.30

Building Condition by Facilities Condition Index Rating

Facilities Condition Index Rating by Gross Square Feet

Facilities Condition Index Map

  • Green: Good Condition
  • Yellow: Fair Condition
  • Orange: Poor Condition
  • Red: Severe Condition