During the 2017-18 academic year, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will update the Campus Master Plan, the physical framework that supports the University’s mission as a center for research, scholarship and creativity. The Master Plan is informed by the University’s Strategic Framework, The Blueprint for Next, to advance a series of initiatives defining how the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will continue its leadership as a next-generation university. Addressing the role of all University landholdings over the next 10-20 years, the Master Plan takes a comprehensive and long-term look beyond what exists today to envision a physical framework to serve future generations.

Planning is an ongoing process, and the Master Plan is adjusted regularly to respond to current needs.  At key moments in the University’s evolution, comprehensive planning processes have looked at the campus holistically and set a new direction. The last such plan was completed in 2001 and updated in 2006.

What and how we build has always mattered; the qualities of the campus reflect the institution’s values. Over the past two decades, four planning principles have guided incredible growth and development of UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus. They reflect the core values reaffirmed by the collective University community.

  1. Support Carolina’s mission.
  2. Engage in initiatives that impact the town, region, state, nation and world.
  3. Activate the University’s innovative, creative and diverse culture.
  4. Build a campus of enduring character and quality.

Planning Process and Timeline

Listening sessions and input from the campus community identified key planning drivers that established the foundation of the planning process. Pre-planning studies assessed key planning drivers, built a deeper understanding of how the campus operates today, and identified opportunities for impactful change. An Executive Steering Committee has guided this process to ensure its consistency with the University’s vision and priorities.

Campus Master Plan process timeline