In 2019 UNC-Chapel Hill is updating its Campus Master Plan, the physical framework that supports the University’s mission as a center for research, scholarship and creativity.

What is the Campus Master Plan?

  • Informed by The Blueprint for Next, the University’s strategic framework, to advance a series of initiatives that define how Carolina will continue its leadership as a next-generation university.
  • Addresses the role of all University landholdings over the next 10-20 years.
  • Takes a comprehensive and long-term look beyond what exists today to envision a physical framework to serve future generations.

What Defines This Master Plan?

Ideas developed alongside the University’s Strategic Framework.


  • Of the public, for the public.
  • Innovation made fundamental.

Strategic Initiatives

  • The New Graduate
  • The Great Convergence
  • Modernizing Student Support
  • Carolina Whole Health
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Arts Everywhere

Ideas that are both operational and aspirational.


  • Achieve greater efficiency and higher utilization
  • Transform how Carolina works


  • Bold ideas
  • Leading edge strategies
  • Innovative implementation partnerships

Planning Principles

What and how we build has always mattered; the qualities of the campus reflect the institution’s values. Over the past two decades, four planning principles have guided incredible growth and development of UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus. They reflect the core values reaffirmed by the collective University community.

  • Support Carolina’s mission.
  • Engage in initiatives that impact the town, region, state, nation and world.
  • Activate the University’s innovative, creative and diverse culture.
  • Build a campus of enduring character and quality.

Planning Process and Timeline

Listening sessions and input from the campus community identified key planning drivers that established the foundation of the planning process. Pre-planning studies assessed key planning drivers, built a deeper understanding of how the campus operates today, and identified opportunities for impactful change. An Executive Steering Committee has guided this process to ensure its consistency with the University’s vision and priorities.

Latest News

Campus Master Plan Approved by University Board of Trustees

May 30, 2019

On May 30, the University Board of Trustees approved the 2019 Campus Master Plan. The new Master Plan will serve as the physical framework for The Blueprint for Next and will guide the growth and development of campus for the next 10 to 20 years.

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Community Workshops Scheduled for Campus Master Plan Update

September 7, 2018

Members of the University and local community are invited to attend one of several upcoming workshops and provide feedback about proposed updates to the Campus Master Plan.

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Carolina to Enter a Phase of Strategic ‘Renovation and Renewal’

June 1, 2018

In her presentation of a draft Campus Master Plan to the University Board of Trustees on May 31, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services Anna Wu revealed a broad vision of a campus reimagined as a more welcoming, connected and service-oriented space.

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