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Operations is responsible for the maintenance, operations, cleaning and repairs for over 18 million square feet of the University’s academic buildings, research facilities, and residence halls, and the maintenance, design and planning for grounds and forest across more than 800 acres of main campus and 4,200 total acres throughout Orange County. For customer service or to place a service request, please call 919-962-3456.

Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction has the overall responsibilities for engineering, planning, design and implementation activities; energy management; and construction and management services for capital projects for new construction, renovations and repairs.


Cynthia Register
Executive Director of Engineering and Construction
University Engineer
Phone: 919-962-4467

Planning and Design

Planning and Design is comprised of design professionals who are responsible for planning, design and management of all capital improvement projects; campus master planning; and mapping and geographical information.


Evan Yassky
Executive Director and University Architect
Phone: 919-843-5103

Wendie Morris
Delegated Capital Project Coordinator
Phone: 919-843-3617